As part of my Honours project we had to create work for external markers to come in and have a feel for what we were doing, and to allow people around our building to have a small preview of our ideas of what our degree show will showcase.

My main self initiated brief is:

“My honours project will be focussing on the theme of ‘Is Sameness Overrated?’, inspired by past work of Stefan Saigmeister. Through exploring this theme I will look at different ideas which work within this theme. Through research and development, I will look at different mediums and formats which would allow me to portray my findings and my final work. I will be looking at work which is both ‘same’ as well as ‘different’, and looking into design history and what has come before, and what may come in the future. I will also look at different artists who have also identified this theme, and their work they have produced.”

The idea behind the peice was to mix the Sameness, grid structure, 1m x 1m scale, and push pins, with difference, rough textured board and imperfect push pins.

It also allowed me to push myself away from the sameness of approach that I would normally do, of something printed

(and if anyone is curious, there’s just short of 4000 push pins)